Opportunitas in the 21st Century: Seizing the Moment.

Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Strategic planning is an ongoing process at every successful organization. Pace is no exception. Earlier this year, we unveiled a new five-year plan for 2010–2015 called “Opportunitas in the 21st Century: Seizing the Moment.” Welcome to the Strategic Plan website.

This plan offers a clear blueprint for furthering our mission and ensuring our success as we navigate the constantly changing landscape and opportunities in the world of higher education. It builds upon our historic strengths, core values, and ideals, while offering an innovative and intelligent approach to positioning Pace for continual growth in a highly competitive marketplace. Here are the plan’s key goals:

  • Advance Academic Programs
  • Build a Culture of Community
  • Create Vibrant, Distinctive, and Collegial Campus Identities
  • Build a Strong Financial Foundation and an Efficient Infrastructure
  • Enhance Pace’s Visibility
  • Strengthen and Reinforce the Culture of Accountability

The development of the plan reflected the inclusiveness that is a hallmark of the Pace Community. A committee of faculty, students, and staff, with input from key stakeholders, met for a year and a half to spell out ways to continually improve our ability to deliver academic innovation and a transformational student life experience. We encourage you to read the plan at www.pace.edu/strategic-plan and offer your thoughts on the accompanying message board.

Success in implementing the plan will require the efforts of the entire Pace Community—faculty, students, staff, alumni, parents, and families. Well implemented, it will usher in an era of significant change and achievement for Pace University.